USP University Sports Program

USP University Sports Program

USP & Photos Kallias Tennis Academy


Photos Kallias Tennis academy is the first and only academy in Cyprus that provides a full program for its players and the opportunity to go to university in the Unites States with a tennis scholarship.

For this reason, the Academy has an exclusive cooperation with USP SPORTS PROGRAM the biggest recruiting agency in America. an internationally-renowned agency that has over 25 years of experience in finding the best universities for each player, as well as the best possible scholarships. Studying in the USA is unique.

Through tennis you can fund either all or part of your tuition fees. Universities provided sport scholarships to tennis players from all around the world to finance their studies.

The Universities recruit the players in their tennis team and compete in the university leagues. Our goal as an academy is to ensure the future of our students in the most effective way ,a healthy, competitive environment and most importantly an education!

Players from our academy who have followed our tennis program( minimum of 3 years) and are at the age to start the process for the recruitment shall enter the USP Photos Kallias program.

The academy and USP will provided: After the 3 month period, USP can fully represent players towards Universities. (discounted rate for academy players).

USP also organises the biggest showcase in USA with attendants from all over the world and 80 university scouts

University Sports Program